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  • Monthly Meeting -Transforming Chaos into Client Success: Your Roadmap for Steady Growth

Monthly Meeting -Transforming Chaos into Client Success: Your Roadmap for Steady Growth

  • 23 Aug 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Online Webinar (Zoom/call-in link in confirmation email)



Transforming Chaos into Client Success: Your Roadmap for Steady Growth

Webinar 12-1:30pm

1 Core, .5 RD

Are you juggling leads, clients, speaking engagements, networking, and more? Have you ever felt like you're going the extra mile because your client onboarding falls flat? Or working round the clock to keep up with your brand's promises due to wonky systems? It is time to decode your business systems' secret language about your brand. Think of them as the gossip queens from high school – brutally honest. This interactive presentation spills the beans on why aligning your brand with your systems is a game-changer.

Learning outcomes include:

  • How mismatched systems damper the snazziest branding and why your brand and systems must speak the same language.

  • Practical tips and real-life examples of weaving brand elements into your systems for a smoother customer journey and supercharged operations.

  • Coaches will practice using these new skills by revising the most essential client success system in their business.

About our Speaker:

 Mary Sue Dahill is an accomplished Automation Expert and author of “The Boutique Effect”, renowned as the Hot Mess Tamer. Her mission is clear: she helps ambitious entrepreneurs regain control over their businesses by eliminating the chaos generated by overwhelming marketing tactics and excessive technology, often leading to unproductive work with minimal conversions.A person holding a cup and smiling at the camera Description automatically generated

Mary Sue's journey began when she experienced the relentless pressure of must-do marketing strategies that promised growth but ultimately failed to deliver results. Frustrated by this, she shifted from complex marketing tactics, instead embracing streamlined systems that prioritize authentic relationship-building. This transformation proved highly successful, allowing her to achieve more while avoiding the industry's pushy sales tactics.

With over two decades of expertise in technology management, Mary Sue empowers entrepreneurs to foster genuine connections without sacrificing their precious time. She offers an all-in-one CRM solution and shares her boutique methods with clients, facilitating a seamless transition from the chaos of client chasing to a pipeline filled with high-paying clients.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Mary Sue takes pride in being a mother to two young adults and dotes on her two mini dachshunds.

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