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Communities of Practice (CPs) are virtual groups of coaches interested in a specific topic area who meet on a semi-regular basis for 3, 4 or even up to 6 months.

While the ICF Global offers several fee-based CPs, participation in the ICF-CF chapter CP’s is an exclusive (and free, unless otherwise noted) benefit of chapter membership.

CPs provide a virtual venue for coaches with a shared interest in a specific topic to advance their professional development, deepen their subject-matter expertise, share best practices, emerging trends, tools and tips.

Each CP is steered by volunteer member who helps facilitate the learning and organize the conversations, ideas, and trends that emerge from the group. CPs are designed to promote active participation from their members: Sharing and discussion is always encouraged.

Our current CPs include:

If you would like to create a new CP, please fill out the form below.

Current CP Descriptions

Incubator CP

The Incubator CP will be a great, safe place for coaches to explore ideas, test concepts and discuss challenges with other coaches. Consider this a brain trust, personal board of advisors, inner circle or success alliance. Whether you are a new coach trying to figure out your niche or a seasoned coach wanting to test concepts of a new coaching program you’ve developed or sales funnel, multiple minds are always better than one.

This Incubator will be loosely structured; this is your time to bring questions, challenges and concepts to the brains in the room and for your fellow brains to contribute back to you. Further structure may develop based on the desires of the group. This Incubator CP will be ‘testing the waters’ for a new way of growing ourselves and our practices in a CP environment.

Participants: Limited to the first six registrants

Starts: Monday, May 30 – Monday, September 19, 2022 (4 months)

Time: 3p-4p

Eye Candy:  Captivating Visual Presentations

Overview:  If a picture is worth a 1,000 words – what are your slides decks saying?  The purpose of this Community of Practice is to share strategies to elevate your message during presentations to ensure they are educational, emotional, and engaging.  Learn to take your audience members on a journey with crisp, clean, and clear content.  We’ll cover how to create infographics, subtle sales tactics, and resources and tools to integrate into powerpoint.  Note: this is NOT a powerpoint training class.

Sessions:  4 sessions – (1) Consistency – creating a theme with images, text, and color; (2) Crisp and Clean – Using images and text to make your point; (3) Clarity – strategies to highlight your message and eliminate confusion; (4) Concise – using infographics and resources in a concise format.

When:  2nd Tuesday of each month – beginning June 14th 12:30 – 1:30.  After the four sessions we can consider another round.

Ready, Set, ACC/ PCC

Ready, Set, ACC/PCC is a Community of Practice that focuses on ICF-CF member Coaches who have completed either an ACTP or ACSTH recognized program through ICF Global.  Our goals for this CP are to create a temporary support group as members move through the credentialing process and to educate members about the credentialing process. We are excited to offer the 2nd CP for ACC credentialing. The next group will run from May through July. The credentialing competencies and Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) will be changing as of August 1, 2022, and we want to assist those wishing to obtain their ACC credential prior to the August deadline. July 27, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. EDT (New York) is the final deadline to submit ICF Credential applications if you are interested in participating in this CP, please fill out the form below. This program will be held once a month. Dates and times to be determined based on the majority of the group and its Co-Chairs. We anticipate running two credentialing support ACC groups (one in the Fall and one in the Spring) each year. 

Participants:  open to any ICF - CF member who has completed an ACTP or ACSTH program by May 1, 2022. 

Starts: In May and concludes at the end of July - Fall CP dates pending. Please email Judy Holcomb @ for additional information.

Time: To be sent out to those who complete the ACC Credentialing CP form

Coaching Connections Circles CP

Interested in expanding your coaching network and making more connections with fellow ICF-CF members? Join our new Coaching Connections Circles Community of Practice! After completing the Interest Form, you will be matched with 4-5 other members and provided topics of interest to help facilitate your discussions. Emails will be sent the last week of June for an early July start date. Circles will meet once a month for three months. Circles will communicate and coordinate with each other to schedule and conduct their meetings (virtually and/or in person). Sample topics will be shared in advance; circles may choose to use the topics, or identify their own topics of interest. We will be notifying everyone of their circle assignments the last week of June, so they can start coordinating their July meeting.

Participants: Anyone in ICF-CF who would like to

  • connect with other members/coaches
  • learn from other members/coaches
  • share knowledge, best practices
  • build/expand ICF-CF network!

Requirements: Submit the Interest Form no later than Monday, June 13th

Starts: Early July – End of September (3 months)

Time: 1hour per month (1 meeting per month, date determined by the group)

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