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Debriefing Actions For Transformational Change

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Disclaimer: “the sound integrity in this video was beyond the control of ICF-CF. We will work diligently to ensure that all future webinars are free of interruptions.” This ninety-minute webinar will teach you how to debrief client actions that will catalyze movement forward while deepening client learning. You will learn a powerful model for debriefing your clients committed actions from the previous session in a way that is likely to result in learning and insight. The model you will learn was designed by a master certified and board certified coach who has used this method globally with hundreds of clients to help them reach their goals. You will learn: To increase the efficacy of the client’s learning process through the effective debriefing on client’s actions that lead to goal attainment To approach both complete and incomplete actions as ripe possibilities for learning To apply an evidence-based process to debrief client actions and extract learning from them. About the Presenter: Paulette Rao holds a B.A. in Education and an Advanced Leadership Certificate from the Bell Leadership Institute. She is certified by New York University as an Executive and Organizational Coach and is an Adjunct Professor/ Curriculum Developer in the Graduate and Diploma Coaching Programs, where she received the 2014 NYU Violet Award for Teaching Excellence. She has achieved the designation of Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and serves as the Past President of the New York City ICF Chapter. She is a Founding Fellow of the Harvard Institute of Coaching (IOC). Paulette was also inducted into the YWCA’s New York Academy of Women Achiever’s in 2002 for her transformational leadership after the attacks on NYC in September 11, 2001. Video Access Link - https://vimeo.com/331621310

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