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Conversations that Inspire - Coaching for Growth and Change

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Great coaches move us. They move us through a basic human process - our emotions. Effective coaches establish a deep emotional connection with others called resonance. They are in tune with others around them. They create and nurture resonant relationships through mindfulness, hope, compassion, and playfulness. The combined effect of resonant relationships and vision-based coaching results in dramatically more effective results. Sometimes coaches can become too focused on specific goals and measurements, activating neural networks that support problem-solving. This can lead to chronic stress and can suppress other neural networks needed for creativity. To be most effective, coaches must develop facility with both types of neural networks and develop techniques to reverse the effects of stress and revive themselves. These renewal experiences help a person become more cognitively, perceptually, and emotionally open and more motivated to help others learn, develop, and innovate – which is the ultimate purpose of coaching. Based on decades of original research into emotional intelligence and coaching, including dozens of longitudinal studies as well as hormonal and neuroimaging studies, our presenters will lead the audience through examples of what effective coaching feels like, as well as understanding the neural processes that foster or inhibit it. Video Access Link - https://vimeo.com/391312798

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