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Developing Effective Resource States - Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP) is best known as the study of replicating excellence. We have all experienced high performing states of being in the past, but the challenge is to enter into and access such resources when desired. Since the mid seventies, NLP has developed a number of effective techniques for individuals to enter into such optimal resource states quickly and when needed. In this seminar, we will explore a couple of these methods so that you will be empowered to use them immediately with yourself and with clients. During this seminar you will be presented with: A short history of NLP and its principles A quick optimal resource building exercise known as "Anchoring." Once the resource state is "anchored" the quality, or state, can be accessed when desired. Two types of visualization (mental rehearsal): "Dissociation" and "Association". A unique insight and contribution to human development from the world of NLP. These distinctions explain why some mental rehearsal practices work and others does not. How to use dissociated visualization to quickly accelerate your own coaching skills How to use dissociated and association visualization together in a process known as the DAD exercise to assist clients in developing intrinsic motivation How to use visualization to increase the likelihood of clients completing their agreed upon action steps By the end of this 90-minute webinar, you will be able to: Develop specific triggers ("anchors") for various resource states to be accessed on demand Distinguish between two types of visualization and leverage the power of each for different reasons Practice a mental rehearsal for rapid skill development Lead others through the same process of mental rehearsal Effectively assist yourself and others to imagine future actions and increase the follow through of them Video Access Link - https://vimeo.com/409019262

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