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Mastering Your Marketing with Neuroscience and Archetypes

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You are brilliant and one of a kind. Even though there are lots of coaches, there never has been, nor with there ever be someone with your unique gifts, skills, ideas and perspective. If you’re not clear and compelling about who you are and what you do, your future clients will miss on something truly irreplaceable. Deep down we all know that we have something special to offer our clients, but most coaches don’t know exactly what their specific strengths, quirks, perspective and style contribute to their clients. They wind up chasing dollars and trying to exploit “opportunities” without deeply understanding the people they hoped to serve. “What is it that you bring to the table that they would not have without you?” This is what we’ll unpack in this meeting. You’ll walk away with strategies, tips and tools on how to: Tap into your ideal client’s heart and mind to create a magnetic bond with them – long before they ever hire you Uncover what makes your coaching distinctive and the real reasons clients want to work with you Create an inimitable position in the marketplace where you stand out from other coaches and are seen as a go-to expert worth premium fees Infuse your coaching practice with strong emotional appeal and meaning Shift your marketing from “push to pull” – instead of shouting your messages in hopes of attracting new clients, you’re empowered to draw your clients to you Build long-term client relationships, as opposed to one-off sporadic sessions which will increase the perception of your brand, client loyalty, your impact and compensation Dramatically reduce your blocks about marketing and get more into the flow of the business development aspects of your coaching practice, which translates to more happiness and sustained passion over the long term. Video Access Link - https://vimeo.com/411523009

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