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Emotional Courage in Coaching

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Program Description: Emotional Courage and Coaching: The Key to Helping Your Clients Get Massive Traction on Their Most Important Work (and Getting Your Most Stuck Clients Unstuck. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a particularly challenging issue or a difficult client, even the best coaches get stuck sometimes and don’t know how to help their clients move forward. And, despite what seems like our best efforts, clients don’t follow through on their own plans or fail to take the steps they agree they should take and say they want to take. In this session, bestselling author Peter Bregman tackles this problem once and for all. Peter will unlock the secrets of highly successful coaching - no matter whom you are coaching - pinpointing the missing ingredient that makes all the difference: Emotional Courage. In this webinar Peter brings the ideas of his new book to life. You will: Learn why emotional courage is the key to your strongest coaching Learn specific techniques to apply the principle of emotional courage in your coaching; & Experience emotional courage in the moment so that you leave the webinar a stronger coach than when you came in. Most importantly you will increase the rate and consistency of your client’s follow-through - the holy grail of coaching. Key Learning Takeaways 1. What emotional courage is, and why it’s important to develop as coaches and in our clients. 2. How to identify whether Emotional Courage is holding your client back. 3. Practical, actionable techniques to apply Peter’s Emotional Courage methodology in your coaching. Video Access Link - https://vimeo.com/428587384

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